Protecting Our Land

Producer: Indy Office of Land Stewardship

Meet the real people behind the hard work it takes to protect and restore Indy's natural areas.

With this story, we set out to inspire more awareness and pride in Indy’s natural areas. The Indianapolis Office of Land Stewardship manages nearly 1,700 acres (about twice the size of Central Park) of city parks and natural areas. Their work helps to preserve wildlife habitat, provide recreation opportunities, protect air quality, and address stormwater issues.

The best people to tell this story are the individuals who have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting and managing these resources for us. The OLS has a very boots-on-the-ground type of staff that brings a huge amount of experience and passion to their work. What's more, is that they are genuinely driven by a desire to preserve the natural world around us for future generations.

“There are always challenges in our work. Especially in educating the public on the significance of work and how we do it. I care about our planet. I want to see a sustainable future for my children. I love getting to enjoy natural areas myself. There’s a lot of reward in the work that we do and seeing the changes that we’re making day-to-day. In spite of the challenges, it’s always worth it.”

– Jacob Brinkman, OLS Ecologist

By setting our sights high and using the Planet Earth series as inspiration for the style, we were able to capture the lush, vibrant natural areas and use them as a compelling backdrop for this important message. The work that this group does is crucial and we are grateful to have the opportunity to promote the people who take care of natural areas near our home. We hope that this makes Indianapolis-area residents more aware of the incredible resources literally in their backyard and help them understand just how important it is to protect these places.

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