What would these Indianapolis organizations look like as Hollywood movie studios?

By Zach Downs on April 16, 2018

"What would logos from Indianapolis organizations look like as Hollywood movie studios?"

Rocky Walls, Cofounder and CEO of 12 Stars Media, posed this question to our Team Members and challenged them to re-imagine logos from Indianapolis-based organizations as Hollywood movie studios (think about the logos you see at the beginning of movies). We thought this could be a fun exercise and give our Team creative freedom to try something new.

To create the list, we simply asked friends and family on Facebook, "What Indianapolis-based organizations do you respect the most?"

We received a number of great suggestions and narrowed them down to five.

We shared the list of organizations with our Post-Production Team and gave them freedom to try out new techniques to animate the organizations' logos. They quickly started coming up with some great ideas.

Without further ado, here are the results for the five organizations we chose.


Note from the animator:

"After looking at Lessonly's website, I knew I wanted to make something simple, energetic, and fun. The Lessonly font was also a big inspiration since it's cursive, which is something that seems a bit uncommon for logos. So I knew I wanted whatever surrounded it to have motion and curves." – Glenn Johnson


Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Note from the animator:

"I was inspired by Columbia Pictures' logo. It's a simple, classic logo of a woman holding a torch in the air, so I drew a parallel to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's logo of a conductor, raising his arms to begin the show. The ISO is incredibly classy, so I wanted to make sure that I kept the animation elegant and uncomplicated, weaving in subtleties, like the "spotlight" shining down on the conductor and his arms slightly raising." – Victoria Disque


Second Helpings

Note from the animator:

"I haven't done hand-drawn character animation since freshmen year of college. This seemed like a fun time to give it a try. I was inspired by the old school Pink Panther cartoons by Friz Freleng. The chef looked like a character from the cartoons and that gave me a style to aim for with the animation and the music. I enjoyed coming up with various animations to introduce the character, finally settling on him pulling himself out of the pot. Inspired by Tex Avery and Chuck Jones cartoons, I studied their timing and posing to build a foundation for the silly actions and then I just had fun fleshing out the rest of the motion." – Tyson Cocks


Circle City Sweets

Note from the animator:

"I wanted to use 3D animation, as it's something I've been pushing myself to get better at. Aside from that, I really like simple and clean Hollywood vanity cards." – Sean Downs



Note from the animator:

"My understanding of ClusterTruck's branding led me to believe that this animation had to have three things: rock and roll, fire, and high octane action. ClusterTruck is known for its speedy deliveries so I started with the idea of the truck speeding through the streets as if it was on a delivery route. Then I needed to somehow introduce the logo so it made logical sense to me that the truck would suddenly ramp into the truck-less logo and form wings. No act like that is complete without an explosion so I made sure to add that in. Finally, I added in the perfect rock and roll song to tie it all together." – Zeph Vaughn


The best thing is the variety. We gave the same guidelines to all of our Team Members, but the results are so different — from 3D animated macaroons, to a rock and roll truck spitting out fire. It's a good reminder of the talented and creative individuals we're fortunate enough to have here.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as our Team did putting it all together!

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