Siemens EHS Awards

Producer: Siemens

The Siemens’ EHS Awards Video Series tells the stories of outstanding employees who have done something exceptional in either the safety or environmental aspects of their work in Siemens locations all over the world. These six videos had to feel like they were part of the same series, but at the same time, they also needed to be personalized to each individual’s or group’s story. In the video above, we meet Matthew and Andrew from Australia who found inspiration for the inflatable grit blast enclosure from a bounce house.

The team from Siemens flew in from Orlando to spend time with our team discussing the vision for this series. Before this meeting, we researched and found inspiration for how we’d like to tell these stories and compiled it in the development deck that we used to pitch the ideas.

“In the past, Siemens hired multiple companies to create this series. This year, they wanted to make sure the videos were consistently high quality, so they chose to use one company they could trust.”

– Zach Downs, COO

Scheduling pre-production calls with these individuals all over the world allowed us to better prepare for these shoots before traveling to places like China, Australia, and Mexico. We were able to meet the subjects and to learn more about their inspiration behind the projects. For example, understanding that every team member played a major role in helping Winston Service Center achieve zero waste status led to the creative idea of asking the team members to form a zero.

With two crews out on video shoots, it was very important to have Team Members in the office coordinating details and relaying that information to our team and contacts all over the world. This helped ensure the shoots went as smoothly as possible.

Because we had freedom with style and creativity, we looked at each story from a fresh perspective and created six very unique videos based on the people we met and the stories they shared. This creative freedom gave our team the opportunity to focus on the unique aspects of these projects, whether it was showcasing a man’s son influencing the plant’s zero waste initiative, finding inspiration from a bounce house, or pulling from a past experience to make the air cleaner.

“Each video is unique and can stand alone, but you can also watch the series and know they’re grouped together. They don’t follow a cut-and-paste formula.”

– Zeph Vaughn, Senior Editor

EHS Awards Series


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