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Play With Food


Play With Food


Play With Food takes viewers on an intense journey combining Milktooth’s Chef Jonathan Brooks’ culinary passion with four Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra musicians’ extraordinary talents. By pushing the boundaries and bringing together these two very separate industries, viewers can see these two art forms combine in a way they never imagined.


Creating this video from start to finish required careful planning. Location scouting and spending time with Jonathan Brooks played a vital role to determine the look and feel. Milktooth's garage doors and graffiti-style decor inspired the gritty, intense tone.

While at Milktooth, I could envision the set up of the video – the musicians up front, the depth of the room behind them, and the chef listening to music while preparing the dish.
— Joe Frank, Director of Photography

We asked Brooks to prepare a dish that required a lot of cutting and chopping to complement the fast-paced musical selection of String Quartet No. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich. The piece's dynamic and frenetic composition provided the perfect accompaniment and allowed Brooks to be over-the-top while preparing the dish.


While on set, organization was key. The string quartet played through the piece multiple times using a metronome to ensure each performance was in sync and their bow strokes would match. Later, we recorded a final performance in a recording studio to ensure the highest quality.


In order to view and choose from twenty different, but simultaneous camera angles of the chef and musicians, our editor used a feature of our editing program called multicam, allowing him to choose the best angle from moment to moment to piece together this action-packed mashup.

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