Operation School Bell

Producer: Assistance League of Indianapolis

Thousands of children in Indianapolis do not have adequate school clothing or shoes. We are proud to have partnered with The Assistance League of Indianapolis to produce a video documenting their Operation School Bell program that provides new clothing and athletic shoes to children living in poverty, helping them to arrive at school ready to learn.

Transformation. That was the word ringing loud and clear during our first discussions with The Assistance League of Indianapolis (ALI) about their need for a video to highlight their Operation School Bell program. Former Marketing Director, Susie Moore, told us we needed to see it to believe it so our Cofounder, Rocky Walls, visited their operation and witnessed firsthand the impact of a brand new school uniform, jacket, and a duffel bag full of other essentials on students from around Indianapolis.

Rather than focusing on the negative, our team and and ALI discussed the importance of emphasizing the positive transformation students experience when receiving clothes and shoes of their very own. When storyboarding, we outlined a chronological narrative from bus ride to bus ride and stressed the importance of capturing emotional-filled facial expressions.

Learn more about Operation School Bell and ALI's other programs at alindy.org.

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