Motorsports Mythbusters

CSM Sport & Entertainment

CSM, a sport and entertainment marketing company, wanted to drop some truth bombs on the supposed decline in motorsports viewership, among other myths surrounding the industry. We worked closely with the CSM team to create animated videos to “bust” six myths surrounding the sport and to help position them as the industry expert.

The team at CSM wrote the voice over scripts, which gave us the information we needed to create a storyboard for each video. We knew we wanted the voice overs to drive the content and planned to animate text and charts to highlight really important pieces of information.

From there, we worked together to finalize the look and feel of the storyboards before recording the voice overs and starting the animation.


“Even though we used a mix of custom and stock graphics, you can't tell where one begins and one ends.”

– Tyson Cocks, Animator

By adding a lot of stylized effects, we were able to maintain a consistent, contrasty look throughout the series.

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