Honey, I'm Home!

By Zach Downs on June 14, 2019

In celebration of our twelfth year in business, we're excited to share the news that we recently purchased a building that will become the new home of 12 Stars Media!

Over the comings months, we'll be conducting major renovations to the 140-year-old building in downtown Noblesville, Indiana. With two stories and plenty of historic charm, we're looking forward to combining its inherent nostalgia with our fresh ideas for the space.

Every year at 12 Stars Media, we establish a theme. Way back in the beginning, we didn’t know what the theme was until the year was over. Our first three years were: “Do anything for anybody,” “Do certain things for anybody,” and “Do certain things for certain people.” Today, we establish our themes in advance and use them to shape the path we take as a company throughout the year.

This year, our theme is Homecoming and it means way more than moving to a new physical home for 12 Stars Media. Fueled by what we've learned growing our team over the last twelve years, making a documentary about the Danish secret to happiness, and staying in tune with the changing world around us, we are thrilled by the opportunity we have to focus on building community more than ever before.

All of us at 12 Stars Media thank you for your interest in our journey and we hope you stick around for what promises to be an exciting ride over the next few months and years. If you're not already, we hope you'll follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Video transcript:

- All right, Rocky, so where are we?

- Well, we're on the second floor of a building in downtown Noblesville. This building was purchased by 12 Stars Media back in November of 2018 (audience cheering) and it is going to become the new home of 12 Stars Media. We've moved, we've had five different offices. Our first office was really a lot like this place. We were in a loft space. We could literally see the Hancock County Court House.

Flashback to 12 Stars Media's first office in 2010

- We're officially moved in, Zach.

- Oh this is great!

- Now Zach can actually get some work done instead of sitting around looking at cars all day online.

- Cars? I don't look at cars.

- This is our view actually. You see our view, there is the court house in beautiful Greenfield, beautiful downtown Greenfield.

Present day

- There's a lot about that we liked. We liked the sort of the history and the nostalgia. We liked the small businesses all around the community. And you could walk all the way around the court house and see all kinds of things popping up, all kinds of things that have been there a long time and new things too. I think Noblesville's doing a really cool job of blending the new with the old. There's a lot of history in Noblesville also like Greenfield, a county seat with the court house and it's just a really cool environment.

- Maybe deep down both you and I thought that we might end up in a place like that again.

- You know, there's something about walking through a building, you hear the wood floors creak. It's just thinking about what this building's been used for, who's worked here before, or, in this case, who's lived here.

- So this building was built in 1880. This was originally a home. When we bought this building it was not ready for our office to come in. It was not ready for--

- It's not ready now, either.

- No, it's not. And so we're currently renovating the upstairs.

Flashback to 2018

- So we're gonna take that wall down.

- Nice.

- That wall's gonna come down--

- Where is the shiplap gonna go?

- [Laughs] That's a trick question Joe, because what you should've said was, "where isn't the shiplap gonna go?"

Present day

- It's got the lath on the other side. (banging sounds)

- I need a hammer. (laughing)

- Eventually, downstairs, we want to turn that into a space that can be even more inviting from a public, from a community-building perspective, than any space we've had previously. We have always to invite people into our spaces and see what we're doing and be a part of the video-making process. It's pretty exciting. People really like to see a lot of the work we do.

Flashback to 12 Stars Media's open house in 2014

- What has been your favorite activity so far?

- I think we're about to do our favorite activity. Just shoot these guns.

Present day

- It's cool to learn about the various movements of a camera that add more energy to the video.

- And so I think that sense of permanence, that this is our home, we can do whatever we want with it, will afford us the ability to do something on the ground floor that's way different than anything we've done in the past. Something that invites people in and creates a space for community.

- You know, we spent two years making a documentary film, and we're very happy that we did that. We love the film, and we loved the process, but we're excited to focus here and not across the ocean.

- So we hope to be all moved in--

- July/August is when we hope to move in. Expect some more updates from us through the summer. We hope to show behind the scenes of a lot of the renovation that's gonna happen. We hope to share with you some of the vision of what we hope to do with the space. And why we're doing all of that. I think that's really central to this. It's not just a business move, it's a move that is reflective of what Zach and I and I think the rest of our team want this company to be and what we want the impact that this company makes to be.

- Ow.

- All right.

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