Making Strides: Ean's Story

Producer: CICOA

We were asked to tell the story of Ean, an energetic seven-year-old boy, and to highlight the services CICOA provides to him and his family. CICOA helps people of all ages live a happy, comfortable life to their fullest potential, whether they are elderly, disabled, or caregivers. This video premiered at CICOA’s annual Signature Breakfast to tug on heartstrings and to raise funds, so the organization can continue to make a difference.

After learning about Ean and putting together initial ideas on how to tell his story, our team headed to Ean’s home for location scouting. This was a great opportunity to not only see the house, but also to meet Ean and his family, especially since this family typically doesn’t appear on camera. Joe described Ean as a happy kid and used this to create the shot list.

“Location scouting was key to deciding what equipment to bring. I walked in their home, turned off the lights, and instantly knew I wanted to use natural light for the shoot.”

– Joe Frank, Director of Photography

Since we were able to leave our light kits in the office, we created a really comfortable environment at their home and focused on connecting with Ean, his family, and his nurse. Michelle, Ean’s mother, told Ean’s story chronologically from the day of the prenatal diagnosis to his life today, which we used to guide the video's narrative.

Focusing on one person’s story for the entire video, rather than touching on multiple stories, allowed us to share a more complete narrative of how CICOA has helped and continues to help this loving family.

Using natural sound in various spots gave the video a better sense of place and personality, which was possible because the majority of clips had high quality audio recorded with them.

“There’s a moment where the interview audio drops out completely, and you hear a small interaction between Ean and his dad. Moments like that help connect the viewer to Ean in a different way.”

– Glenn Johnson, Editor

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