A Day in the Life at Indiana State

Producer: Indiana State University

Do you remember what it was like to embark on your college hunt? In A Day in the Life,” we pass viewers from story to story for a glimpse into the Indiana State University student experience. Connecting three unique perspectives from actual students showcases the variety of opportunities available, including participating in fun campus traditions, getting real-world work experience, and creating invaluable friendships and partnerships.

The marketing team at Indiana State University came to us with clearly-defined tenants (in a fun hexogonal graphic!). Our job was to bring those tenants to life in a way that would connect with prospective freshmen, which meant the video needed to be authentic but also carefully planned.

While on campus, our Team Members pre-interviewed numerous students and professors to find out what the tenants really looked like for them.

“By hearing directly from students, you learn about those little details that can only come from experience. It's those details I think that really catch people's attention, because they are genuine, not scripted or staged.”

– Braden Worrell, Creative Director

We used the information the students shared to choose which focus areas to highlight throughout the video. Since we spent time casting students and professors before ever hitting record, we were able to capture these real stories from students efficiently during production and know exactly how they'd fit within the finished video.

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