Bring Him Home

Producer: CICOA

We were asked to tell the story of the Berry family and to highlight the services CICOA provides to help Brenda and Brian take care of their son, Eric. CICOA provides support for people of all ages across Central Indiana. CICOA does everything they can to ensure that older adults, people with disabilities, and family caregivers have the highest quality of life. That is why we’re excited to be working with CICOA for the fourth year in a row on their Signature Breakfast fundraising video.

Dana Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications, at CICOA first told us about the Berry family and their situation. Eric Berry suffered an AVM rupture in 2010. Step one was figuring out what “AVM rupture” meant. After our initial research, we knew we had to meet this family and hear their story firsthand.

When our Team Members sat down with Brenda and Brian, they were struck by the Berrys' fierce love for their son and their determination to keep him at home.

“Meeting the Berrys for the first time was extremely moving. From that one hour in their home, I could see that they are a strong and loving family and that motivated me to make sure our Team told their story as sincerely as possible.”

– Jacob Butler, Director

It was important to our Team to clearly communicate what the Berry family has overcome and how they persevered with love and teamwork, while also explaining the way CICOA came alongside to support them.

An effective way to help viewers process what they’ve heard and make a mental shift to hearing something new is to divide the story into sections: the date and details of Eric’s AVM rupture, the work it took to bring Eric home with CICOA’s help, and the love Brian and Brenda have for their son. Through this format, we were able to help viewers feel some of what we felt when we met the Berry family in person.

“I love being able to focus in on one personal story — in this case, a family reeling from an unexpected crisis — and capture that emotion in a really powerful way. It's all about how people are able to balance pain and hope day after day, and how an organization full of people that truly care help make that balance a little easier.”

– Glenn Johnson, Editor

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