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What’s Trending in Video: The Next Authenticity

By Rocky Walls on April 19, 2018
I’ve heard it said that when people first started gathering around the fire, stories were there. Telling stories is one of the oldest forms of communication. In recent years, a fresh fascination with the Polynesians has emerged. From Moana, Disney’s animated, musical, fantasy-adventure, to in-depth documentaries, we’ve...

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What would these Indianapolis organizations look like as Hollywood movie studios?

By Zach Downs on April 16, 2018
"What would logos from Indianapolis organizations look like as Hollywood movie studios?" Rocky Walls, Cofounder and CEO of 12 Stars Media, posed this question to our Team Members and challenged them to re-imagine logos from Indianapolis-based organizations as Hollywood movie studios (think about the logos you see at th...

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Finding Hygge: A documentary exploring Denmark's secret to happiness

By Rocky Walls on January 3, 2018
12 Stars Media's first feature-length documentary, Finding Hygge, is available now to watch on Vimeo On Demand! Have you wondered what inspired us to take on this adventure? Here’s some background information on why we decided to start this journey in the first place and where we are in the process. Like the world arou...

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